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2001-07-31 - 11:30 p.m.

I love that justin timberlake

hey this is pretty cool and it seems to work out fine so i guess i'll use it from now on it's too bad i can't add the fun pictures i have over at my webpage www.geocities.com/iamreallyjesus and all but that's ok you all can go look over there too

so today when i was healing a leper (which is so fun) i started thinking about all these so-called me-stians that's what i call christians LOL andyway most of them don't act like they should, i mean they all think they know what I want and what i think but who are they to think that, i mean they say dad and i work in mysterious ways so you'd think they might have a more open mind about others but hey they can do what they want i just want to spread some good cheer.

anyway i think friends is on soon so i better go (monica rules!) so see you later friends

your buddy, jesus

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