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2001-08-01 - 9:19 a.m.

maybe i should try AOL instead

so i was in yahoo chat last night (sorry this really t's me off) and i told everyone i had just seen that new movie planet of the apes with marky mark well you wouldn't believe how much these so-called christians jumped on me saying things like jesus cant see movies and that we don't have movies in heaven and all i have to say is BULL!

first of all you don't believe i can't come down to earth in the form of a human with 8.50 in my pocket to see a film?? i mean jeez people zeus used to impregnate women in the form of a bull and no one cried foul on him.. i really should send him a card, now that i think about it, he just had a birthday.

oh that reminds me of a story about zeus maybe i'll tell it later anyway i could go to see movies if i want, and since we pretty much know everything about you people including all your thoughts and man that gets intrusive sometimes, you're trying to get some rest and it's JESUS MAKE ME RICH and JESUS SAVE ME and all that when all you want ot hear is JESUS GO TO SLEEP oh well!

anyway i forget to get to my point, don't assume what jesus can and cant do, because you're prolly wrong, and if you say the bible said what jesus can and cant do maybe its time to stop looking at the bible like its the instruction manual to the world and start looking at it like its hints from heloise

thanks guys see you soon!

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