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2001-08-02 - 1:22 p.m.

ok we've had it with microsoft

bill gates can eat one.

we've been trying to tabulate a relational database of saved and rejected souls all morning, and this microsoft access business is such a load of bull! i should have talked the is dept into going all macintosh a long time ago because this is just an exercise in dong.

and now were going to have to upgrade to windows XP?? oh come on people theres no way, if i even put a new geforce card in my pc so i can play black and white faster (have you tried this? it's pretty much just like the real thing i think maybe it was an inside job i might have to ask around) anyway if i do that my computer might make me PAY for the software again. i know i have more money than i know what to do with but it's the principle of the thing

i really need to talk to dad about that no interference rule, because if we can get that overturned just for a day ill go pay mr gates a visit and we will have some words

anyway today is going pretty well, we had a big shipment of souls earlier today, i guess a bus overturned in mexico, so we had to deal with quite a few chickens as well, but that's ok there's a special section of heaven for chickens, but it's not a good place to visit it smells a little peckish

so i'm swamped, more later


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