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2001-08-02 - 10:47 a.m.

whats the deal with magic johnson?

so i really want to know what the deal is with magic johnson. he came on tv years ago sayin he had AIDS and HIV and all that, and he was on jay leno the other night just a whoopin it up. something tells me that magic isn't being a straight shooter with the american people were all pretty suspicious up here! but the man sure could play basketball and i like seeing him in those fitness ads with cindi crawford so i guess its all good, maybe he will tell all those people with aids who are dying how to be fit enuff to be in a fitness ad, i'll put it in his head to do so, that'll be some good cheer!

i was talkin' to dad this morning after i got up and had my breakfast of cheerios and orange juise w/ toast just like on tv, and anyway we were talking about how much he used to meddle with the lives of the earth people and all that, but a few years ago we sort of instigated a no interference rule so no more raining toads and fireballs and all that. but i think maybe we should do some good, because there is a lot of bad stuff going on down there and we've been getting lots of prayers saying stuff like, 'jesus/god, why did you take my lifestyle away in that stock market crash' jeez people you should go check out somalia and then maybe your precious stock market won't matter so much.

well anyway im getting preachy aren't i, i can just jammer on and on like a jaybird on a fence when I get going, so i'll leave you now

peace out!, jesus

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