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2001-08-03 - 2:20 p.m.

jesus endorses view askew

so i am reading some entertainment news today because I love to keep up with your movies and your tv, and i see that the gay and lesbian defamation group are all going nuts about my buddy kevin smith's new movie starring he and jay i believe it is called jay and silent bob are jedis or something -- regardless, they're all t'd off because there are a lot of gay jokes. get a grip people they are just jokes a lot of you catholics sure were pissed when kevin made dogma too, but let me level with you he was closer to the truth than you think and we all thought it was pretty great up here in fact i still call dad 'Alanis' and he always gets a big kick out of it

anyway y'all (there's that receptionist talking again) seem to forget that kevin made chasing amy, probably one of the most pro-gay movies to come out of hollywood in a long time so maybe you should just stop looking for something to bitch about and start looking for stuff to laugh at but thats just my take you can do what you want!

at any rate we're pretty PUMPED to see jay and silent bob again we're getting an advance print and everything.


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