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2001-08-04 - 4:05 p.m.

birthday wishes for the queen

holy cow queen elizabeth is a hundred and one years old boy howdy thats old good thing that royal family doesnt have to do any work or else shed be in trouble can you just see her commanding the armies of the emerald isles with her little clutchbag and lightblue hat? 'oh dearies.. why dont you go attack those chaps over in FRAHNSE, be a good army would you' i tell you it aint what it used to be

i remember when the british army would march all over creation just a conquerin and a slayin all in the name of us, (and if that's not weird, i don't know what is if i had my way i would have told them to just stay on their nice little island and put that energy towards looking for nessie) my how things have changed

interesting to see blair and bush whoopin it up a few weeks ago i wonder if tony will go visit gw on his ranch out in humbuggy to play some horse shoes haha probably only if jenna and barbara are there

hello to my friends in domestic surveillance!

well thats all, were having some sort of birthday party up here i guess gabriel is turning a billion or something so i better go get dressed

your pal in me, jesus

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