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2001-08-04 - 12:38 a.m.

slow poke

okay is it me or is gw bush the laziest man to ever hold office? i'm reading today that hes taking a MONTH VACATION to his humbuggy ranch in texas to play tiddleywinks and blind mans bluff with his oil buddies. i get a kick out of how he puts it too hes always like 'i want to spend some time with the people in the heartland where family values matter blah blah yaddah' yeah right like any heartlander is allowed within fifty miles of your precious ranch and if so youd have them sent to terra haute

i guess theres nothing wrong with a man of leisure god knows i was one to just take a load off and contemplate life in the bottom of a bottle from the comfort of a swinging hammock between two palm trees but this is just getting ridiculous he needs to roll up his sleeves, get out there, and mow the lawn

oh btw mr bush this is coming from the heart too, please sign that treaty its for the best. put your buddies aside for a sec and help out the earth we kinda like the way we made it and we'd hate to see it turn into a tanning bed for you fine folks

well that's enough preaching from the mount for this little soldier, see you guys later


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