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2001-08-05 - 9:11 p.m.

day of rest, my rosy rear

we told you that sunday was the day of rest (even though that translation got all fouled up and some of you think it's saturday too), well that doesn't hold true up here because i have been working like a dog all day. first i had to run down to accounts receivable because someone totally fubar'd the whole Pete Johnson thing (don't ask) and that was a real heap. i hope i don't have to let one of them go. and one thing led to another and to make matters worse i was outside for a lot of the day and gave myself quite the sunburn youd think my hair would protect my back a little bit but we're alot closer to the sun than you folks and it can get to be quite the scorcher oh well that's why we invented aloe vera (i have my own plant)

oh dear i've forgotten what i was going to tell you folks tonight i had it all planned over dinner and it slipped my mind somewhere between the main course and dessert (brownies). well maybe it will come to me later on.

well i have to go, i promised jacob that he could come over and play tekken tag (haha he doesn't like that i won't let him be the character King but who else but the king of kings to play king??)

PS a few of you have brought to my attention the matter of the queen mum vs the queen elizabeth (that sounds like a wrestling match id love to see!) and you are right the queen mum is her mum and i need to study my news a little more closely before running off half-cocked to write a hilarious diary entry about current events.

the ben affleck story was true though so i'm still two out of three.


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