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2001-08-08 - 7:00

have your pets spayed and neutered

okay someone explain to me why there are so many talking anuses on television! first it started with those diaper commercials where the happy bouncing diapers would sing and dance their way through the commercial, their elastic-leg mouths looking like butts. now we have that crazy commercial with the SINGING BELLYBUTTONS, which dont much look like bellybuttons to me (hint anus)

hey there is a cute girl on the price is right today i will make her win a thousand dollars on the big wheel due to her miserable failure to make more than $700 on the plinko board.. helping you folks out really makes a deity happy you know

how long has this show been on tv anyway seems like people have been watching it since i was in my manger well that's ok its pretty good and barkers beauties are wonderful. too bad bob has decided to turn over the ladies because i miss holly!!

wow they're giving away a trip to space camp remember that movie where all the kids went to space camp and accidentaly got shot into space?? oh surprise surprise she passed the nerdcamp showcase. if i was on TPIR, i would always pass the first showcase and then win both (because i could, haha!) imagine what that would sound like when rod roddy called out, JESUS CHRIST COME ON DOWN but with my luck i'd probably get the white trash oak bedroom set and the popcorn cart

cant win them all, and you folks should remember that!


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