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2001-08-10 - 2:53 p.m.

the pope is a hardcase

hey folks!

this time i promise that i'm not watching tv and just transcribing the actions into my diary

no today i want to talk about that stem cell research thingie thats been in the news so much and that your precious president took time out of his busy schedule of going fishing and playing parcheesi to go on tv and talk about i must admit i am surprised to hear that he was going to endorse the research somewhat i figured that he'd just stammer and hew and haw like always and say that he would suspend funding until his crack team of egghead yes men told him that it was unnecessary

gotta give him a bit of credit even the pope told him not to do it and believe me i tried to stand up to the pope once and he is a stubborn old goat i was about ready to kick him in the jimmy but i turned the other cheek

anyway sure hope he is enjoying his much-earned vacation, must be hard being president. hey bush try being JESUS! i havent had a vacation in two thousand years and believe you me theres a lot of places i would love to visit lets see i would love to go to venice i hear its nice with all those boats and things next maybe i would like to go to disneyworld because i hear you can get mickey mouse shaped pancakes and if there is something we have a real shortage of in heaven its pancakes let alone ones shaped like a mouse head. i bet i could get strawberries on them too

well golly what else is going on things have been pretty sleepy up here but thats okay seeing as how the last week or so has kept us busier than one legged men in asskicking contests! there was a terrible mixup at the central hub and we got a shipment of zombies instead of joyful souls usually we hear singing as they walk up to the gates but this time it was more of an HNNNNNNNUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sound sorta like that resident evil game which scared paul so bad he wouldnt come play games with me for weeks anyway that took a while what a foulup that was so its been nice to be able to kick back and chit chat maybe ill go answer some prayers (i call them fan letters!) so see you all soon


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