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2001-09-01 - 2:20 a.m.

Maybe I should read the brochure

hey everyone! sorry to be out of touch for so long but i took a page out of the presidents book and decided to get a little R&R and thats rest and relaxation for those of you not in the industry!!

i left everything in dads hands (and he of course put peter in charge) far be it for dad to get involved in anything tough but thats ok he's getting on in years you know golly i hope i don't have to start looking into a home. god, what a nightmare that would be you think its bad for YOUR grandfather or father to cause an uproar when their prune juice isn't there on time or accusing the nurses of being 'dirty jerries' how about when your dad can, with the force of will, RIP THE EARTH APART those nurses better watch out and that juice better be there on time. i'll just have to let them know that THIS particular old jackass actually IS god when he tells them he's god of course it might be a stretch for them to believe that or to believe I'm actually jesus, you all know my recent difficulties in getting people to believe i'm a straight shooter with them hmmm maybe i will visit a notary public that should do the trick

ANYWAY my vacation!! I went to club med well at least I thought it was club med but when I got there the sign said 'hedonism II' instead of club med but I kicked it there anyway it wasn't so bad i guess it was just like the regular club med except this one had more hooters.

got a lot of relaxing done, and they didnt' seem to mind that i wanted to play volleyball in my robes in fact they cheered me on -- i don't know why the fat guy to skinny guy ratio was so out of whack, but maybe thats because it's an all inclusive resort and that just tends to attract the plump

so the short of it is i'm tanned, relaxed and ready to KICK ASS in the fourth quarter of 2001, we have a huge quota to work through and quite the stack of paperwork to process so we're up to our ears!


ps if you ever go to that hedonism place don't say that jesus sent you i think they might be holding a grudge don't ask

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