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2001-09-21 - 11:52 a.m.

thanks alex!!

hey everyone sorry for the delay had to have my buddy alex update the diary last week because we sure were busy up here!

dad woke me up last week and said GET OUT OF BED THOSE DARN TERRYRISTS ARE AT IT AGAIN and i don't know if you're like me but when someone wakes me up out of a nice dream i just want to tell them to stick it and go back to bed so i did and dad bust in again about three seconds later and he pulled me to the TV and there it was on CNN and let me say i sure am sorry for what happened down there things sure do look crazy what with the economy and all the hoo haw.

looks like my buddy bush won't be taking any more vacations to tumbleweed ranch anytime soon and maybe he'll start earning his keep!

let me just say one thing though, none of us up here think its the best idea to start a world war over this they are terrorists and the innocent people of the countries of the world had nothing to do with it you wouldn't go bomb a school in dublin because the IRA had attacked a pub, would you? well the same thing applies here -- they've done some bad things and they deserve to be brought to justice but carpet bombing those nice people just isn't right

ok soap box over i had a funny thought today they should call it operation infinite juice and instead of war bring Sunny D to the thirsty countries call me crazy but i bet that would make people like the USA a lot more!!

well i guess i better go, there is a lot of work to do up here and purgatory is bursting at the seams, we're going to go pass around mats and milks so they can have a comfy place to take a nap while we sort through everything some dude tried to sneak past peter today and he gave him the ol heave ho! haha peter is bad ass

well i will see you later, hopefully we can get this all done in time for Xena


ps osama bin laden is really scotty pippin in disguise but don't tell the fbi because i don't want them knock knock knocking on heaven's door

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