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2001-09-21 - 3:40 p.m.

cowboys and indians

so due to the time-change we just got the live feed from the presidents speech and the response from the tallyban and id like to say a few things about both

first off we think its weird that bush jr said something like 'either your with us or against us' well thats dandy but what about switzerland and other countries that like to mind their own business i sure don't think they're 'with the terrorists' they're 'with clocks and chocolate'

now to the tellybin conference which consisted of two guys and their posse behind them one of the two dudes would talk adn the other would translate and that was all fine up until talkyman rattled on for five minutes and his buddy just said, 'there will be jihad' ok people I'll just bet it doesn't take that long to say that in any language.

they said they wouldn't give up that bin laden guy unless the usa produced evidence that he is guilty and that doesn't sound unreasonable to me i don't think anyone wants a war let alone a holy one and if you ask me no war is holy and i think most people up here agree with me except for peter i think he watches too much WWF if you ask me it gets him going.

anyway i hope all my friends down there are ok, and that goes for all of you


ps does anyone have any idea how to pick a lock? we had some trouble up here and could use a little help

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