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2001-09-27 - 3:31 p.m.

shout outs!!

hey everyone just thought i'd spread some cheer today and throw some shout outs to those who deserve them in these weird times!!

mariah carey - for not babbling like a baby during the hooray for america telecast

the backstreet boys - for never being better than N*sync (JC RULES!)

george w bush - for not going on vacation this week

that poor fireman standing next to W in NYC during his bullhorn speech - because he's probably deaf now

apple computer - for finally releasing os 10.1 so we can stop using windows up here!

bill maher - for standing up for what he believes in

poison - for non stop rocking

peter - for not talking any smack about paul this week, he's good people

and to all my friends on dairyland who sure seem to like me though i have no idea why lol!!

mease in the piddle east, jesus

aim: iamrealjesus

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