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2001-09-26 - 6:37 p.m.

bless the boobs

ok how come there cant be a new star trek series without a hot set of hooters? this new show is ok and all but it still has all the troubles of the 'beating the dead horsey' later star trek and not enough BATTLES

but hey, everyone loves big cans but the funny thing is in addition to big cans she also has a big head genetics i guess!!

hoo nelly not much is going on up here these days, things have quieted down to a dull roar

oh another thing i guess that my buddies Tenacious D had their CD recalled because some mad mommies in kansas found the cover to be offensive and i would just like to say BULL! heres a radical concept ladies why dont you let adults make up their own minds about stuff we already had our own mommies

wait till i release my cd you all will love my cover


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