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2001-10-01 - 3:40 p.m.

spook houses rule

ok normally i dont talk about video games much cuz you all probably want to know how i feel about world events and stuff like that but paul and i went to pick up silent hill 2 yesterday and let me tell you is it ever SPOOKY!!

up till today the scariest thing in my life was when i was a kid and my joseph-daddy came into my room wearing a wolfman mask and he hid at the foot of the bed making scratching noises until I woke up and then BLAAAARRRRRGGGHHH! i jumped out of the window and was halfway to bethlehem before i know what had happened and then i turned around and here's joseph and mom, laughing!! i thought it was funny after that

so anyway this game nearly made paul and i cry like girls we put it on and turned out the lights and as soon as the saran-wrap guys came out i just about pinched a fit and we had to turn off the game until daybreak and even then it was pretty darn scary. dad doesn't like it when i play these games, he always wants me to play nice games like mario and those old NES games about noah but i don't really like those i'm what you call a mature gamer but even still x-box is crap!!

ok so if you want a good spook go play silent hill 2!

bye bye, jesus

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