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2001-10-03 - 10:05 a.m.

yay for statistics!

wow thanks to me greasing diaryland's palms with ten bucks i can finally watch where all of you are coming from most of it is pretty boring but i get a significant amount of hits from people searching google for 'barker's beauties' which really makes jesus titter like a schoolgirl

glad to see that holly and janice are still so popular!

i still wish i could go be on tpir, i'd show rod roddy up by wearing a shinier robe, it'd have sequins and glitter, THE KING OF KINGS bedazzled on the back and 'I WANT TO REACH INTO THE HUNDRED DOLLAR POCKET' on the front. its too bad they don't still have that, i always got a laugh of those people reaching into bob's pocket well at least it's five hundred now to make up for it.

i always wondered what would happen if someone pulled something ELSE out of bob's pocket


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