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2001-10-05 - 9:31 a.m.

maybe its time for peter to hang it up

well now.

seems that SOMEONE thinks he is a hotshot around here!!

dad asked me to go down to the gate and talk to peter about a few things regarding some party-crashers we've had over the past few weeks i guess someone found a secret way in and we just think it'd be a good idea to boost security a little bit. anyway i get down there and first off that son of a bitch is asleep! not only that but i CATCH someone sneaking in right into heaven oh if i could have had steam coming out of my ears i sure would have i shook him awake and raised hell with him for a while he hates it when i do that i guess he calles me 'that little pissant', and always talks about something called napatism or something when i'm not around paul told me grrrr!!

anyway i told him if i ever caught him asleep on the job again he'd be washing heaven's toilets for a hundred years and maybe just maybe i know someone who would be better for the job than a cranky old jackass who thinks that just because he's been with the company for elevendy-thousand years or whatever that he can just do whatever he wants well he's WRONG!

also when i opened the gate the hinge wa so rusty that it shrieked like an irish banshee so in addition to dumb he's also gone deaf maybe i'll give him an ear trumpet for his christmas bonus that might be a hint what do you guys think? i really need to send clark the handyman down there to fix that, come to think of it

sigh well all i have to say is THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!! i'm so excited tonight i am going to go hang with zeus and hermes, and i haven't seen hermes in a long time hes a tough guy to get a hold of! haha little god joke there for you anyway were going to come down and raise some heck on earth tonight maybe i'll tell you about it later!! well i'm going to go take a nap so i am well rested for tonights activities bye bye

love, jesus

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