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2001-10-19 - 3:36 p.m.

reality tv!!

hoo boy that reality tv sure is something i thought i'd seen it all when those guys on fear factor were chowing down on balls but i was wrong!!

on survivor last night they had their old standby the GROSS FOOD CHALLENGE so i thought oh great here come more dung beetles and cow brains for these poor people to eat but what a surprise they wheel out clarabell the cow being drug by a few happy natives who take an arrow and SHOOT IT IN THE NECK and suddenly ol' jed's a millionaire because out come a geyser of BLOOD clarabell jumped bout two feet in the air and i would too. then they filled up a few jugs of cow blood, added some milk and the bar is open! they each had to drink a shooter full, and when both teams tied they had to choose one person to drink an entire glass of raw blood with no milk sidecar this time i nearly barfed!

what a crazy world you guys live in!! well thanks for the TV i guess.

love, jesus

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