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2001-11-26 - 4:19 p.m.


hey everyone i got a gamecube!!! i decided to go shopping on that day after thanksgiving retail wonderland day and i had a mission in that i was going to get a new nintendo and not that dumb xbox from those poopy butts at microsoft!! i cant believe that thing it is the size of grandmas feather bed, weighs about 300 pounds, and has a controller that is sort of like holding on to two cans of campbell's chunky! i mean come on people did they ever stop to think that some people have smaller hands and that children actually like to play video games?? its enough to make me send a swarm of locusts to the xbox factory in mexico (american made my rosy rear!). George wants an xbox but if you ask me he just wants to watch the girls bounce on dead or alive 3. speaking of george happy thanksgiving!! i know you have troubles with those turkeys and all but buck up!!

anyway my gamecube!! it is so cute it is about this big: [] -- and it fits right on my desk it was funny john and paul (but not ringo!! hahaha little heaven-guy/beatles joke for you there) totally wanted to play monkey balls with me but i wouldnt let them until they converted 15 thousand souls haha man its good to be the king of kings sometimes and its good to let other people do the work while you kick it with nintendo! anyway the gamecube is a lot of fun that luigi game is great you just run through this huge spookhouse busting ghosts!! whats more fun than that and it is a lot better than the spookhouse at the carnival where the dayglow mummy pops up with a PSSSSSSHHHHHHHT oh that reminds me of the time when dubyah and i went to the carnival!! the spookhouse scares the crap out of george he grabbed on to me and wouldnt let go i said 'jesus man people will think we are that way' but i think he was scared to deafness because he didnt let go until the nice man running the ride said 'sir it is time to get out of the buggy' so we went on the ferris wheel and he seemed to like that more because he just hip hip hoorayed the entire time george is a weird dude!!

ok i have some rouge squadron to play now so i will talk to you guys later sorry for the delay by the way we had to move our offices to another part of the complex because it was time to remodel things hadn't been changed for a few thousand years and we all wanted some IKEA

well see you all soon!!

pax, jesus

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