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2002-01-02 - 9:31 a.m.


Whoa hey it has been so long since i have let y'all know whats been going on in my little corner of the internet haha i love that saying i am not really in a corner.

so my birthday went pretty well as it always does but i just dont get as jazzed about it as i once did you know how it goes when you eat macaroni and cheese for the first time you are all HOLY COW THIS IS GOOD but then when you have eaten it about three thousand times you wish that kraft would start changing the recipe.

so yeah i had a pretty low key celebration this year, peter and paul came over and peter showed up drunk again that son of a bitch totally ralphed in my favorite flower arrangement at least he could have opened the window like last year. i did get some good presents though!! george got me this way cool salsa bowl! it is shaped like a sombrero, and when you push the button it plays the mexican hat dance and the sombrero opens up to show the salsa!! you put the chips in the brim of the sombrero it so kicks ass i think he got it at target if any of you want to get one of your own i cant recommend it highly enough!!

other than that i got the usual suspects of socks underwear new robes and some joker gave me a razor like he expected me to shave off my awesome soul-beard! though now that i think about it that might be kinda cool i bet it would really surprise everyone they might not know who i was and then i could sneak around all incognito like

so yeah, christmas was sorta uneventful up here, we did the usual thing and since most of us higher ups are actually jewish, we had our festival of lights while the rest of them built trees out of clouds (little known fact most things up here are actually made out of clouds do you know how hard it is to get a christmas tree up here??) but we fudge things a little bit so we can have some of your modern conveniences like computers, video games, and dirt bikes.

so just like to wish you all a happy new year and all that and hopefully this year will be better than that awful last year you people need to knock off all that fighting and start loving!! i recommend the joy of sex for a start if you can get past all the hairy hippy drawings it is awesome.

bye bye!!


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