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2002-01-08 - 12:04 p.m.

new addition to the crew

omg!! you guys will never guess who just got here it is dave thomas yes the dave thomas from the wendys commercials! i heard it over the pa that he was here and i thought to myself that means one thing: HAMBURGERS!! so i rushed over to the gate and there he was! someone had already set up a bbq and everything so we decided to HECK with work and had a bbq!! it was pretty cool too peter brought some hot dogs but i wanted none of that!! since heaven is the land of plenty and dave could have whatever he wanted to cook, he cooked us all SQUARE burgers!! and to top it off we all got frostys.

hope you all dont miss him too much because we sure love him up here! maybe i will make him executive vp of beef or something!

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