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2002-01-29 - 10:33 a.m.

fear factor = ick!!!

ok so i was watching that fear factor show last night remember the one i told you about where they had to eat the balls?? well ok i thought it couldnt get any worse until last night when those poor people had to shoot at a target with an m-16 and the number they hit on the target was the amount of, and get ready for this, pig rectums they had to eat raw!!

let's rewind that and look at it again.

yes, pig rectums!

well i thought it was going to wuff when the first girl just started chowing down, not doing well at all but the third guy!! oh god, he just mowed that stuff down to beat the band he was a little light in the loafers if you catch my drift so maybe eating some ass doesnt bother him so much!! lol that was a bad joke some of my best friends up here are a little light in the loafers (especially PETER but dont let him know I told you.

anyway just thought i'd tell you folks about my evening at home with the TV!! not much new news in heaven nobody famous has been around lately except for Peggy Lee and she's just over on Witcham street crooning with Elvis. they are so cute.

well bye!

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