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2002-02-10 - 12:40 a.m.

party time!

hey everyone boy what a night its been!

its paul's birthday so we all got together at the town square everyone was here and let me tell you thats a lot of people! matthew, mark, luke, john, all my buds! i hadn't seen mark for years he got a bee in his butt to go find his muse and started some rock band down there.. so he came home with some tattoos and long ass hair like a hippy but thats okay he is still my guy. paul loves lasagne so we pigged out like garfield!!

then later on we put up a pinata that john found down there at some convenience store that also sold some humorous hats so paul got a hat that said 'Federal Butt Inspector' and we hung the pinata that looked like the 7up spot! but it was full of candy, not 7up and it was good candy not that weird candy that you get in mexico and tastes like mustard

my friends are dicks and like to constantly come up to me and go 'HEY JESUS, HIGH FIV..oh, sorry man!' i know Ive healed up and all that but come on!

so anyway after we busted open the pinata we got out the karaoke gear and really got the party started of course all the hams got up! paul was all singing a duet with matthew, they were doing that islands in the stream song that they like so much and then frank sinatra came up and sang these boots are made for walkin it was great i could go on and on its weird having so many dead celebrities up here in death as in life they want to be the center of attention! oh well

AND OF COURSE, PETER GOT DRUNK AS ALWAYS. he was all trying to hit on jim morrison and i was all dude peter just cause he has long hair doesnt mean he is a girl and even if he was like he would go home with peter and peter's big ass beer gut you dont get much exercise just sitting at that damn gate all day then he got sick all over my sandals can you believe that?? man i swear he should be banned from the next party he always pulls this business

well thats about it aside from the peter incident the party went off realy well and the cake was AWESOME!!

i will talk to you all soon, promise


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