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2002-02-18 - 9:15 a.m.

nobody puts baby in the corner!!!

oh this is so awesome!! our movie channel is showing a marathon of... PATRICK SWAYZE movies tonight!! ahhh that is one of the perks of living up here we get all the cool stuff you dont get like a non stop cavelcade of patrick! he's so awesome not only is he like the best actor ever he is an awesome dancer and thats a one two punch that you rarely see in hollyWEIRD!

so tonight me and paul are going to get in our jammies and watch dirty dancing and road house and ghost and red dawn and all the rest of his awesome movies!!

my favorite part in any patrick movie is when they are all dancing at the end of dirty dancing and the rich old sticks in the mud decide that they want to dance too and they all start getting it on!! thats the way it should be everywhere -- yall should stop fighting your wars and just start dirty dancing!! just my two cents.

well i have to go to the store and get ready for my patrick party i am going t o bake a cake in his likeness!!

bye friends

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