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2002-02-28 - 6:32 p.m.

maybe i should move out

hi all my buddies all over the earth it sure has been a great few days i have talked to lots of you and had a great time you rock!! installing aim was the best idea ever its so much better than trying to communicate in the form of a tree trunk or in the surface of a muffin thats so damn time consuming!

so guess what i learned today?? the fox channel who brought that awesome glutton bowl to television (did you guys watch that? it was awesome this little japanese dude totally whomped all these giant fat guys and ate like fifty some hog brains without blinking an eye! that my friends is a MAN) and are now bringing Celebrity Boxing to tv! and who first but TONYA HARDING and AMY FISHER!! talk about a cat fight, i cant wait i will put it on the tivo as soon as i can and paul and i will watch! maybe he'll be a sucker and bet against tonya harding which i'll gladly take because we all know tonya can whup some ass. also greg williams (tv's greg brady) will be fighting danny bonnaduce (tv's danny partridge) and my money's on danny because if you've been following the news over the years you know that he is a bad ass. its going to be great i wish all my new buddies could pull up a cloud and watch with me!

so i am a little tired today because I was woken up at like fifty-three thirty last night (heaven time) by a bunch of whoopin and hollerin down in the bonus room so i go down there and heres dad, zeus, hermes, allah, and budda, playing what i think was poker but i cant be sure i think they were adding rules as they went along, half the cards were on the table and the other half were in a kids beach bucket on the floor -- and they were DRUNK AS LORDS! no pun intended well i came in and said HELLO some of us still work around here and do you mind?? well apparently they did in fact mind because hermes came at me quick as a whistle and gave me the biggest damn wedgie ever its a good thing i have heaven-made undies or they would have ripped to heck and gone! i said HEY JEEZ hermes! but he got away from me real fast (you know he is light in the loafers) and rushed back behind zeus. i didnt want to mess with zeus because he is a terror when he is three sheets to the wind and he is quick with those lightning bolts. one time he and hermes were lighting each others toots with them those damn greeks are too much.

SO, i turned tail and went back to bed, put my headphones on and let Hall and Oats sing me some awesome lullabys.

so if i am a little cranky today now you know why!! damn them

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