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2002-03-03 - 11:05 p.m.

i just saw nsync!


ok you all know what a huge nsync fan i am right?? well today they kicked off their hotshot north american tour so i got a disguise sorta like michael jackson does and went down to check it out!!

first of all too many people talk too much crap about nsync! they are great live! no lip synching and lots of cool songs and they even did a whole bunch of beatles and temptation songs and i would like to see the backstreet boys do THAT!! they also really are the BOY BAND OF THE PEOPLE because besides that justin timberlake they all pretty much look like normal dudes

heres the thing though someone needs to tell a few of them that the chilis blossom isnt so awesome because chris and joey are getting pretty tubby and LANCE is even starting to show a little freshman fifteen action! allow me to present a little one-act play:

THE SETTING: nsync tour bus after a show

THE CAST: lance, JC, justin, joey and Chris

JUSTIN: hey guys want to go hang out with these hot girls we met backstage?

JC: Yeah! and after that lets run a few laps at the gym and climb the rock wall!

JUSTIN: awesome lets do that! okay! hey are you guys coming along?

JOEY FATONE (get it, he's the fat one!): NO chris and lance and i can't go

JC: Why not


the end!

but it was a really awesome show you all should go see nsync if they come to your town.

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