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2002-03-13 - 7:58 p.m.

ozzy rules

okay listen up you all know how much i love to watch your tv shows up here because you should see the yack quality of the television we actually produce up here its pretty much just like what you guys call cable access just a bunch of boring dudes broadcasting the city council and all that talk about the royal snore!

so anyway i have been watching THE OSBOURNES!! which mtv should seriously pat themselves on the back for because it is pay dirt! heres the lowdown it is a reality show starring the most kick ass rocker in history OZZY!! i will probably catch a lot of static for that but there i said it my favorite thing is when he makes his OZZY FACE!

so anyway this show is all about he and his crazy family and it rules!! even though its mostly non stop swearing that the good folks at mtv bleep out but that makes it even funnier! the best part is how ozzy is pretty much an old man just putt-putting around his house all day and muttering to himself, but when he gets on stage HERE COMES SCARYFACE OZZY!! it rules!

he also has something like fifty dogs and they run all over the place and there's an adorable kitten that ozzy always likes to scare!

ok so i suppose i should talk about something prudent!! so i hear the news about the USA's nuclear targets got released today and that makes all of us up here pretty sad! you guys are never going to get to mars and your kids are never going to get the best education if you dont knock that poppycock off! it's just like the white trash family that spends all their money on PORK RINDS instead of school clothes except these are NUCLEAR WEAPONS course you dont have to take my word for it! just a little nudge in the right direction people!

so you all should watch the ozzy show and write your congressman telling them to knock off the nukes!

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