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2002-03-15 - 2:03 a.m.

always read the fine print!

hey my homies! whats up down there? i am watching dustin diamond (tv's screech) on jenny jones being a judge for something or other the audience is holding up signs that say something like 'YOU DA BOMB' or 'YO ASS IS WRONG' oh well at least it's not another I USED TO BE FAT BUT NOW I'M ALL THAT

but thats not what i came here to talk about!! i recently had a slight problem that i felt i should alert you to! so i am sure that many of you are late night television watchers (and bless you for that some of the best stuff is on after 11, except jerry springer because he sucks these days) and i am sure you are familiar with the girls gone wild commercials that are on during every break! well curiosity got the best of paul and i because we pooled our money (i put in five bucks and he put in five bucks) and we ordered them! well let me tell you what, they dont pull the ol bait and switch on you because those girls are indeed wild! well we had some laughs over that, and put the dvds on the shelf and kinda forgot about them.

WELL NOW. it seems that i should have read the fine print, because now i am in a club of sorts! and every month i get a very non descript box full of MORE girls going BUCK WILD! its pretty cool but i would have been happy with just a few sexy soriority sweethearts and not a whole school bus full. so i have to remember to call those suckers up! i think i am the sucker in this case though its a good thing they don't say 'crazy sexy freaks' on the outside of the boxes because the mail room might get wise!

PS i am glad to see that the state of texas isnt going to add another body to the body count that lady is sick and needs hospitalization, not prison just my two cents!

love you all especially a select few of you!


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