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2002-03-30 - 6:12 p.m.

love letter to britney

Oh that britney! not only did she manage to get her ta-tas photographed by those british scamps at The Sun, she also told the german press what its like up here!!

"everyone is at peace and happy, and they all hop around from cloud to cloud," Spears says. "In heaven you can see your grandparents and everyone you loved once again. And an old man with a long white beard wanders around, that's God."

yah right MIZZ THANG, I tell you what, YOU WISH. maybe replace 'old man with a long white beard' with 'cranky old goat who's taken to wearing bathrobes all the time and is constantly followed around by peter the damn drunk'

sorry its been a bad week


PS: i saw a guy who looked and sounded like fat patrick swayze put that in your pipe and smoke it

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