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2002-04-08 - 5:28 p.m.

I'd be better off eating the cadbury eggs for a week.

okay i officially hate easter

i know this is a little late but you wouldnt believe what a pain in the ass easter can be up here! first of all you people sure seem to need a lot of prayer attention! its even worse than christmas because most people are distracted with shopping and presents.. NOT SO with easter!! unless you count the peeps and the mini-eggs

so i've been swamped for weeks now, and its just now starting to calm down!! so i'm rockin out to jesus christ superstar and talkin to you good people!

my other pet peeve about easter is an old one -- every year all my jackass friends up here pick this week to remind me about my little trouble down there around easter. I think you all know what I'm talking about!! its sort of like if you got the stuffing whupped out of you by a bully on the playground and every year at the same time he comes back to give you a new whupping!! i mean seriously people it has been thousands of years lay off it. in addition i would like to formally make a request -- how about we change the emblem of the church from my old bones on the cross to the image of me rolling the stone back from the cave? Where I look like a stone cold badass ready to take charge!! and then I totally walk across the water and an air horn goes off proclaiming me as the king of kings!! lets recap:

a: icky me on the cross, hanging down and skinny as fiona apple

b: CHAMPION JESUS, HANDS HIGH IN THE AIR, ready to WHUP ASS! *rocky theme*

i will pick b every time now i just have to convince dad and he's like trying to push a mule off a cliff.

fingers crossed, people!

aim: iamrealjesus

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