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2002-04-21 - 3:57 a.m.

boo to the middle east

hey everyone whats goin on its me your old pal jesus!

so i see that theres some trouble going on down there in the ol holy land once again! those people are worse than two kids in the back seat of the minivan and billy KEEPS GOING OVER THE LINE!! maybe the US should just send them a bunch of toys to keep them from shooting each other constantly. and good lord get the heck outta the churches!! fire guns in the supermarkets and the town squares if you want but come on people! even the NAZI GERMANS wouldn't attack soldiers in churches or cemetaries. I say boo!! boo from jesus!

well in other more uplifting news i found this hilarious webpage that you all should see:


and yes it is just what the name implies.



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