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2002-05-12 - 1:06 a.m.


oh boy we are so excited up here!! the new star wars movie is only a few days away and the air is just buzzing! if you havent guessed we are all huge totally huge star wars fans so i went door to door so to speak and asked everyone what they were most looking forward to so here we go:

PAUL: I totally want to see yoda busting some ass even though the new computer yoda looks like mickey rooney but on second thought maybe watching mickey rooney going buck wild with a light saber would be pretty awesome

JOHN: i want to see anakin mack on the girl from the professional

PETER: peter didnt talk to me because he was sleeping it off and he made me leave when i kept trying to talk to him he doesn't like star wars anyway because he is a lame ass

and me, i cant wait to see more kickass jedi action!!! say what you will about the new movies, but they sure do contain some balls out jedi moves.

and to all you people who think this movie is going to suck just because you think it'll be as bad as episode I (not that bad, really) well you all can suck a duck until it quacks three chord opera!!

oh and all you dumbos who are currently downloading the movie because it is available on the internet can stick it because you are only ruining it for yourself!! go see it like its supposed to be seen not on some bullcrap divx copy from a camera in the theatre! that's lamer than when the fans bitched and moaned about lucas putting Nsync in the movie for his daughter. come on people they weren't even going to be recognizable. you are all fuddy duddies!!!

that said we are all going to the midnight showing this wednesday!! see you all there

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