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2002-06-24 - 3:11 p.m.

ladies night

boy oh boy i bet you guys just hate your good buddy jesus for being such a stick in the mud about updating more often and i sure am sorry!! im sure you all understand what with that whole son of god thing, its been busy up here what with work and my divorce and all that

oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys! crystal and i have decided to part ways she just cant live up here her place is las vegas and i say good riddance to her!! talk about selling yourself long, i kept coming home from a hard day at the office and heres crystal on her couch (apparently my golden couch wasnt good enough for her so she had to go down to goodwill and buy one of those lousy overstuffed couches for big midwestern cans with the wood and brass on the armrests) feet up bud in hand and cackling at the springer show. WELL!! here i am wanting a nice dinner and here's my 'wife' being a no good layabout!! so I gave her the bum's rush and i dont have to worry about any of that law bullroar up here i just said out out out and she left left left i believe you can still see her in the crazy girls show down there in las vegas.

so i am single again ladies!!! who wants to bo0gie??

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