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2002-10-11 - 9:58 a.m.


ok people nice jesus isnt around today i even had to take off my awesome pirate costume that ive been wearing every day in preparation for halloween i was so mad!!

so i notice that down there in your good ol boy us of a that the house and the senate have rolled over for george w's 'get on my horse and go kick the snot out of someone for no good reason' plan! except he wont be on that horse, no sirree!! i think that if he wants his war badly enough, he should put on his king of america crown and lead the invasion! maybe if he saw first hand what happens to 18-21 year old soldiers in a war he might think twice! But he doesn't really know what war is like!! so to him its like playing war in the back yard with uncle dick and uncle donald (who really want their war, btw!!)

the democrats are a bunch of spineless wusses! they let the republicans walk allll over them.

sorry to get all politicky with you guys, but when jesus has something to say you best listen up!! it cant be all halloween costumes and fear factor! im not the son of god for nothing!

so how about this how about you fix whats wrong with your country! go get that wingnut sniper who is shooting all those nice people in maryland, go fix your schools so the rest of the world quits laughing at you, go put a tax on gas so people stop driving their SUVs two blocks to the store for milk, go be a member of the world not rebuild the imperialist mindset of England!! the rest of the world doesnt have to be YOUR PROBLEM

ok whoa that was pretty preachy but hey thats me!!

so all of you who dont support big daddy bush's bullcrap war should go out and exercise your right to let them know! thats why you have the constitution (even if its being put through the shredder piece by piece)

so thats all for today

love you all


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