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2002-12-12 - 11:41 p.m.


sharpsmaker (10:55:19 PM): Listen you little queer... stop sending your friends to pick fights with me.

iamrealjesus (10:55:29 PM): who what where

sharpsmaker (10:56:00 PM): some chick named l0vin y0u xx jumped my shit the other night, said you told her to.

iamrealjesus (10:56:22 PM): i did no such thing it is not my business if my awesome buddies want to give you the bum's rush for being a big ol jerk

sharpsmaker (10:56:34 PM): Whatever

sharpsmaker (10:56:51 PM): if they do it again, I am gonna find you and cut off your cock and balls and wear them for a necklace.

Nuff said.

iamrealjesus (10:57:06 PM): how much do you spose something like that would go for on ebay

sharpsmaker (10:57:39 PM): "Jesus real cock and balls, on a handy dandy neck chain"

Oh... probably a few thousand.

iamrealjesus (10:57:39 PM): i love ebay

iamrealjesus (10:57:44 PM): i bought the coolest thing

iamrealjesus (10:57:50 PM): it is an aluminum can man

iamrealjesus (10:57:56 PM): he is all springy like

iamrealjesus (10:58:09 PM): and when you lift up the can, BOIIIING here's a big ol boner!!!

sharpsmaker (10:58:15 PM): cute

iamrealjesus (10:58:27 PM): i will send it to you cuz you love boners

sharpsmaker (10:58:32 PM): You are living proof that drinking jizz causes insanity

iamrealjesus (10:59:11 PM): you are living proof that boners cause more boners!

sharpsmaker (10:59:28 PM): Oh, that makes a lot of sense.

Great comeback, Queero

iamrealjesus (10:59:42 PM): you are an internet celebrity

iamrealjesus (10:59:48 PM): a sensation

sharpsmaker (10:59:53 PM): uh huh

sharpsmaker (11:00:00 PM): why is that, smart guy?

iamrealjesus (11:00:09 PM): because you are on my awesome diary

sharpsmaker (11:00:14 PM): ahh yes

iamrealjesus (11:00:25 PM): and also because of your legendary boner

sharpsmaker (11:00:28 PM): like a little fag, run to your internet friends for help, instead of fighting your own battles

iamrealjesus (11:00:33 PM): i will write a sonnet about your balls

iamrealjesus (11:00:38 PM): one two three here we go

iamrealjesus (11:00:44 PM): sharpsmaker: see him there

iamrealjesus (11:00:52 PM): standing, thrilling, full of hair

iamrealjesus (11:01:00 PM): his balls, so soft, so meek, so proud

iamrealjesus (11:01:33 PM): make me want to sing, shout out loud

sharpsmaker (11:01:43 PM): cute

sharpsmaker (11:01:59 PM): WHy dont you go fuck a dog or something?

iamrealjesus (11:02:13 PM): because: EWW

sharpsmaker (11:02:44 PM): you're just intimidated because they have a bigger cock than you

sharpsmaker (11:02:49 PM): Isnt that right?

iamrealjesus (11:03:22 PM): actually i learned on NOVA that they have pretty legendary wangs

sharpsmaker (11:03:34 PM): well isnt that special

sharpsmaker (11:03:39 PM): only a fag like you would care

iamrealjesus (11:03:42 PM): I think so ***HUGGLES***

sharpsmaker (11:04:01 PM): DOnt do that, you fucking kike

iamrealjesus (11:04:19 PM): I'll jump in your lap and give you a big hug you mean guy!

iamrealjesus (11:04:24 PM): I'll melt that cold heart

sharpsmaker (11:04:26 PM): I'll nail your ass to a cross for the second time

sharpsmaker (11:04:34 PM): I'll burn your jew boy ass alive

iamrealjesus (11:04:35 PM): just like whoville melted the grinch!

sharpsmaker (11:05:05 PM): riiight

iamrealjesus (11:05:07 PM): you're just sayin' that

sharpsmaker (11:05:11 PM): you stupid jew boy

iamrealjesus (11:05:11 PM): I know you really like me

sharpsmaker (11:05:16 PM): No, I dont

iamrealjesus (11:05:29 PM): *pinches your cute little cheeks*

sharpsmaker (11:06:01 PM): Riding through the reich, in our black mercedes benz/Shooting all the kikes, saving all our friends/Rat-atat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, mow the bastards down/oh what fun it is to be in the Nazi underground!

iamrealjesus (11:06:22 PM): you wrote a sonnet of your own!!

sharpsmaker (11:06:35 PM): sing it tot he tune of jingle bells, you fuck

iamrealjesus (11:06:53 PM): i will sing it to the tune of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

iamrealjesus (11:06:56 PM): because you are a jerk

sharpsmaker (11:07:04 PM): okay

sharpsmaker (11:07:05 PM): have fun

iamrealjesus (11:07:13 PM): I am having the most fun

iamrealjesus (11:08:09 PM): let's stay up late and tell ghost stories

iamrealjesus (11:09:01 PM): i can see you dont know any

iamrealjesus (11:09:34 PM): because you're a wanger

iamrealjesus (11:10:27 PM): a big ol jingle jangle set o bawls

“sharpsmaker” signed off at 11:10:56 PM.

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