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2002-12-31 - 10:45 a.m.

jesus is chasing waterfalls

well hello to all my awesome buddies yes it is i your best buddy jesus coming at you with stories of mirth and celebration from the holly day season!!

first off my birthday party was pretty fun this year unlike last year when peter got so drunk and made everyone mad this time he was at his mother in law's house making them mad so we were all free to have a good time on our own!! all my buddies up here were there and i made a few new ones!! lisa 'left eye' lopes came and she sang me a birthday song and gave me a big ol kiss on the cheek!! she is so cute i asked her to go to the movies with me and she said yes so we went to see the lrod of the rings in disguse (i was gandalf because of the beard and hair and all that and she put on some pointy ears and went as legoland) so we went to the movie and she totally held my hand!! it was awesome and so was the movie my favorite part was when those tree guys totally busted out the whupass and used their tree powers to wreck ice and gard tower!! whoo whee what a movie it was so scary though a few of those monsters really gave me a fright!

so after that we came back home and i showed her my 8-track collection and sweet egg-chair i got for christmas (this year i actually got more than prayers and good intentions!! can you believe that??) and then we made out on the couch. me and left eye!! can you believe it.

so i sure am looking forward to our new years eve party because you never know what can happen on new years eve!!

I think i <3 U lisa!!!!

please dont burn down my house

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