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2003-04-04 - 10:29 a.m.

Stardate: JESUS

So chikkity check it out my people big and small! i am going to be hanging with the salt of the earth the STAR TREKKIETREKKERS this saturday and i am really excited because OMG i love star trek!! i wouldnt really admit it to my buddies up here because they would be giving me the non stop shit so i am going to dress up as a klingon and go down to the airport holidays inn and see what all the hub bub is up maybe i can make out with a girl dressed up like seventy nine or maybe that hot stuff dianna troy she sure is a hotty!! (re: cans) and i hear that MICHAEL DORN is gonna be there and i hope he lets me rub his forehead for good luck!! maybe i can buy some sweet tricorders or something too no one gets sick or injured up here but it sure would be funny for me to say STAND BACK I'M A DOCTOR NOT A JESUS!!

little dr. mccoy humor for those of you too young to remember

so i will be back later on with some photos of this wonderous occasion!! peace out my party people!!

ps: i am having some unicorn trouble up here does anyone have a really strong metal file? thx jesus

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