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2003-04-05 - 9:03 p.m.

Jesus on the bridge!!!

HEY EVERYONE i just got back up here from going down in disguise to the star trek convention to finally meet my main man MICHAEL DORN (he is an awesome guy and does quite an impressive impression of PICARD!!) and he is such a handsome man!! I sure do like the star trek too but i dont really like all the new hub bub just give me the old next generation before they started parading out the alien girls with the big ol hoots!! not that i dont like hoots dont get me wrong but i think they are just trying to get ratings any way they can!! give me westley and worf and picard and riker and troi and that lady with the short hair who can whup some ass!!

i can't just wander around star trek conventions without a disguise you know people would think i was one of those FANTASY CON people so i had to BLEND IN, when in rome you know!! so here i am:

would you believe my luck!! i found some cute girls admid all the trekkies who look llike they've never kissed a girl!! (not the cute girls the trekkies -FYI) isnt my getup just awesome?? they thought so too we are buds now! and i was all downin' that romulan ale which sure made the afternoon a good one!!!

next up is a fellow klingon i ran in to! it is important to note his SPACE AGE drink cozies that are attached to his batman utility belt! SPRITE: THE FINAL FRONTIER!

Next up is a family of huge nerds!!!

then i found my new buddies hanging out with my best bud JEAN LUKE PICARD!! who looks like a poet or a playwrite or a pilot or dr. who or someone a little light in the loafers naw mean

and finally the coup degrassi high, MISTER MICHAEL DORN!!!

thats right he was totally there and answering questions and telling awesome stories about STAR TREK!! including one about how picard said that they all were going to do it with counselor troi and she said OK!!! hot stuff i tell you! Some big doofball in the audience asked him if he still wanted to kill some dude from the show i swear those people are just off the wall!!

so the show was a great time and no one knew i was there among them just having some cheer and all that it was nice to hang out at the airport holiday inn home of the hot nightspot FLIRTS and share some times with mister michael dorn who is a very handsome man!!

so peace out my people until the next time live long and prosper!!

your pal jesus

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