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2003-05-06 - 8:32 p.m.


oh man so i am watching this AMERICAN IDOL my new favorite show and i have a few things to say!! what the heck is up with this josh 'i eat too much ham' grayson fella?? i mean seriously his unit (ha ha) is out fighting the fight in the middle east and HERE'S JOSH, living it up with reuben and clay and by the looks of him lately he is really doing just that he has gained his american idol 15 know what i mean not much exercise and diet when youre off the base EH JOSH??? these judges have wax in their ears they are giving HAMSON the props when he needs to get the HOOK that will drag him into the alley!!! i still love that scamp simon though!!

me, i am pulling for CLAY AIKEN because jesus is AIKEN for clay that adorable little fella can really belt out the songs and i have to wonder where it comes from maybe he has a HOLLOW LEG where a midget and a microphone live hey crazier things have happened!!

oh god clay is singing GREASE IS THE WORD! WELL *I* say the word is CLAY and thats all i have to say oh god he just did a little shimmy CLAY ALL THE WAY!!!

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