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2003-09-19 - 1:42 p.m.

FYI i am still here dont worry!!!

okie dokey! sorry about the delay but you know how it can be when things get out of hand!! i have been totally busy like WHOA because of all the stuff thats been going on first of all heaven has been overrun with all these new knuckleheads that i just dont know what to do with myself i feel like i am one of those chickens with they heads cut off on farmer browns killin stump!!

so i have been looking down on you fine people lately and checkin in on my good buddy the president who is making a bunch of dummy dumb decisions if you ask ol jesus!! and you should ask because i know the right answers why because i am jesus i cant believe you even asked jeez!! so anyway hopefully all that WAR BUSINESS will calm down and as much as i love my good buddy george i hope that he loses this next election because lets face it he is more qualified to take naps and go fishing and take another nap and make a fort out of the couch cushins than he is to be the leader of the US OF A know what i mean.

oh and i am so sorry about teh hurricane!! OMG i was up here just messing around with my chemistry set and that asspunch peter totally barged in on me like a barge barging in and he knocked into me and all my chemicals mixed and then a bird flew in and i am hella allergic omg and HAH CHOOO and before i know it foghorn tah rah rah heres a hurricane and as you knwo we never take back what we start so you people will have to let it run its course. i am totally sorry though i will make it up to you so pray the shit out of those prayers and well see what we can do!!!

lets see what else is going on oh yeah!! i have been watching that awesome 24 show since it is out on dvd (television reception isnt too hot up here we have a bunch of dishes and all that junk but its no match for DVD!!!) and i sat down to watch the first episode cause i am a huge fan of keifer and his purring kittycat voice and OMG next thing i knew it was like 18 hours later and i had watched the whole thing!! it is really good!! almost all of it the only parts that arent good are the parts where his dumb daughter keeps getting chased by mountain lions and crazy guys and robbers and cougars and monsters and chain gangs and pirates and highwaymen. but the rest is awesome!!

anyway enough tv i have just been informed that my presence is required at the pearly gates there are a bunch of hooligans down there causing a damn ruckus i better go make sure they're not just a bunch of drunk kids up here to cause trouble again i have no idea how they get up here. whatever gotta go

bye sweethearts,


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