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2003-10-03 - 5:44 p.m.


ooh my golly if this just doesnt take the cake i don't know what does (and no i am not talking about dom delouise or louie anderson eating the cake i am talking about TAKING it as in this is just too much just FYI!)

so the terminator is running for governor of florida or something and if having to endure listening to him quote lines out of his movies constantly during speeches wasnt bad enough (AH'LL BE BACK... AS GOV-AH-NUH!) now all these ladies are coming out of the woodwork with tales of how this guy that the dumb people in cali are going to vote into office just because he is famous spent a good portion of his famous life sneaking up on women and giving them HAWNK HAWNKS on their hoo haas and worse!!! Jingleallthaway!!

now you all know that jesus is a big ol fan of the hoo haas i will not deny that as a FACT JACK but you all should know that jesus is also a fan of NOT HAWNK HAWNKING WOMEN CAUSE THAT IS WHAT DICKHEADS DO, dickheads like arnold, apparently!!!

SO LISTEN UP CALIFORNIA!!! DO NOT VOTE ARNOLD IN JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK HE IS CUTE WITH HIS MOVIE SLOGANS!! he is not cute!! he is a big dumb austrian who likes to mistreat women.

fyi please dont tell arnold that i am giving him the ass-face i dont want to have fisticuffs with him thx

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