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2003-11-05 - 5:07 p.m.


well besides being good to each other and all that i know that is a given and i KNOW that each and every year you all FORGET that fact and go apeshit over cabbage patch dolls and punch someones mommie in the face!! but thats not what im here to preach about no sireee!!

no, it is time to let you all know that my good friend alex who helps me out with my awesome diary is having a birthday in about a week!!! he's the swellest guy in the history of swell town and i think itd be a really nice gesture if you all let him know how much you appreciate him by sending him presents from his AMAZON WISH LIST!! editors note: you will not get any titty shots out of me this way that only works on cam hoez.

you will get into heaven faster this way, honest!!

love you all!


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