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2003-11-20 - 3:21 p.m.


ok what the hell people this is just retarded and i am mad!! mad at mike meyers! why, you ask? why could you, jesus, lord of the nice, be mad at a swell guy like mike meyers?? WELL ALLOW ME TO ELUCIDATE!!

mike meyers is turning the cat in the hat into a nightmare from evil-world! presided over by mike myers in his terrifying cat-in-the-hat-suit! i mean COME ON, hello, worst idea since they painted jim carrey green and made him into a terrifying grinch for that particular train wreck of a movie that made a bunch of money and caused hollywood to try it again!

allow me to illustrate with photos:

Hi, I am friendly!

Hi, I will feed on your soul!

I HATE HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!! ps teh matrix sucked too except for that awesome part where neo busted agent smith in super slow-mo omg rock like whoa


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