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2003-11-30 - 2:42 p.m.

A major award!!

Whoa!! your ol buddy jesus got nominated for a diarist award!! in the best experimental diary category i dont really know why i am listed as an experiment its not like i am ol richard feynman and am working on the philadelphia manhattan project or whatever it was he worked on before he became a teacher (for those of you who do not know who i am talking about please visit www.feynman.com and learn about this very curious character!!!

anyway so yeah why dont you mosey over to diarist.net and check out the other nominees and if you feel like it you can send a vote my way i think that'd be real swell! maybe i will win a MAJOR AWARD and i hope its not a leg lamp though i would accept a leg lamp if they sent me one i am not picky about awards.

thanksgiving around these parts was pretty good but as usual we got a good dose of holiday tension!!! why cant everyone get along i swear. paul and peter were at it all night with their passive agressive bullhonkey and i was about ready to pour gravy on BOTH of their heads good thing they both got the meal hangover early and fell asleep!! some people say bourbon is the holiday helper but if you ask me its the silence after all your jerkwater friends fall asleep!!!

good tidings all, hope you are having a WICKED holiday weekend i will be back soon to talk about all sorts of stuff for MY BIRTHDAY!! YAY!!!

love jesus

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