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2004-01-29 - 7:55 p.m.

i am a lazy jerk and i am sorry

ok hey everyone!! i was just making myself a sweet pizza and it dawned on me that its been so long since i rapped at ya i dont know why pizza reminded me of my awesome internet buddies but there you go!!!

so whats up these days lets see oh yes BIG DEAL NUMBER ONE: there are no weapons of mass distraction in iraq! WHAT A NEWS FLASH I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! the president and his no good neocon buddies who are controlling his presidency should write up a big ol apology and print it on a big scroll and hire a thousand TOWN CRIERS to go from city to city and SAY THEY ARE SORRY, because pardon my french that is BULL SHIT to send kids over there to die for a lie. they should also send everyone a brand new VCR or something i think that would be pretty kick ass. i kid, i kid like they can afford to send everyone a VCR when the government is almost broke sending all the money to rich folks!!! the thing that really sticks in my craw is how he hides behind ME OF ALL PEOPLE like i want him to screw over the meek and poor in the world to give his old buddies a big break come ON george you and me used to be such good buddies remember when we played nintendo that one time and i totally handed your ass to you on a plate?? that was awesome but then you started listening to uncle dick too much and it all went to crap.


OK ON TO AMERICAN IDOL! omg randy jackson lost so much weight he is almost looking like JANET JACKSON instead of big ol KFC man Randy. Janet and Simon look the same though. its been funny watching all the bad singers but my favorite part is when all the good people are competing cause making fun of bad singers = fish in a barrell but some of those kids are really talented and i like to see them go the distance!! and the best part is they usually thank good ol yours truly!! though i really dont have much to do with all that it is mostly them but whatever helps them do their thang is cool with me!

i am watching this show about hong kong it is really cool did you know that the commuting weapon in hong kong is the escalator?? speaking of why is it when you walk on an escalator that isnt moving you feel like THE WORLD IS SPINNING BACKWARDS?? they're just stairs when stopped, but it feels so weird! i should do some research and find out if there is a scientific name for Elevator hoodoo.

again i am so sorry its been so long i was crowing about my major award THAT I DID NOT WIN BTW and then sorta forgot about you fine people.

my birthday was pretty awesome we had a small intimate gathering with wine and a nice soothing CD on the hi-fi and we discussed literature and politics and oh who am i kidding it was a drunken haze from start to finish with YOURS TRULY as the drunk guest of honor!! we played pin the tail on peter (he was so pissed omg) and spin the beard (don't ask) and twister except some goof put baby oil on the twister board and paul tried to do left hand red and ended up with left wrist broken!! poor guy, good thing i was there and i healed him right away we had a good laugh after!!

ok well i am outta STEAM! dont be a stranger come say hi to me on AIM.


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