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2004-02-15 - 11:54 p.m.

A very happy valentine's day to all!!!

it has been such a week!! gay people by the dozens are going down to their local courthouses and up and getting married!! how about that!! people are finally standing up for love and what they believe in and doing the right thing!! and i am sorry, but anyone who thinks they have the RIGHT to say what two loving people can or can't do can just stick it right up the ding dong because that is just stupid. the us government keeps getting bigger and trying to privatize good things like social security and medicare HEY I HAVE A GREAT IDEA!! HOW ABOUT WE PRIVATIZE PRIVACY!!!! WHOA, what a concept! that way people can do private things in private without some repressed stuffed shirt senator from ALABAMA going on and on about how disgusting it is while secretly fantasizing about how he is going to cheat on his wife and get a good whuppin from a big lady in black latex in the basement of a boarding house!


And i would just like to take my hat off if i wore a hat and salute those who are giving it their all for the love of their partner. And anyone who thinks it somehow threatens straight marriage, you can kiss me under my robe where its dark and scary. With 75% of all marriages ending in divorce and i am sorry i think that REALITY TELEVISION SHOWS WHERE PEOPLE GET MARRIED TO STRANGERS threaten the 'sanctity' of marriage much more than two loving people tying the knot do CALL ME CRAZY!! and how about this maybe if the high and mighty government wants to protect marriage so badly how about they OUTLAW DIVORCE??

whew what a rant!! well maybe that will end the controversy about how i feel about gay marriage and here is another little hint please stop cherry picking the bible to try to make all of your laws if you are going to make ALL laws out of the bible you all are in for a rude awakening my friends!!

no more shellfish, mixed fiber clothing, beards, maybe you wanna sell your daughter to slavery or kill your neighbor?? AY OKAY!!

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