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2004-02-27 - 9:48 a.m.


yeah thats right buddies i went down to a cineplex down there on your lovely little planet and i was going to go watch mister mel's version of the last few days of my life and believe you me i was not looking forward to reliving that little piece of my life! but i said to myself, jesus, you gotta do it. FOR YOUR FANS AND BUDDIES. so i walked into the century theatre, i bought a ticket, and i walked into the show.

well.. i gotta tell you.. i am really confused. first off it was totally miscast!! i always envisioned mary magdalene as being played by someone really tall dark and mysterious, like andie mcdowell or something.. but it was drew barrymore!! and she had some sort of disease that made her forget things all the time. adam sandler played me, and that was pretty funny even though he doesn't look anything like me.. but he sure did love mary just like i did back in the day so that was a nice trip down memory lane for me. rob schneider played judas or something, i think they took some artistic license because he wasnt much like judas at all he was more of a buddy-buddy type.

OH!! and the holy land looked AWFUL i mean seriously worst holy land ever!!! i grew up in the DESERT, not some tropical island. the only exotic birds i ever saw were BUZZARDS and they had all these beautiful birds and flowers and it was all green! i had never seen a flower in my life! who made that decision i hope they got fired I dunno I thought the passion of the christ was a funny movie with lots of awesome parts, but it wasnt very faithful to the story and certainly not worth all the negative press!! it wasnt even gross and everyone else thought it was two hours of torture.. well maybe they dont like adam sandler i guess i could see that lots of folks don't like him. but he was sure good in that punchdrunk love so he won me over!!

maybe there will be a sequel to the passion of the christ so you all can see what happens after judas betrays me and the romans do their thing because it is probably an important part of the whole jesus thing but maybe it will be more faithful to the real story than this current one is. the way i would like to see it is Two movies.. one about ME and all the awesome things i did with my life and then another about what happened next... 'cause who would want to see a movie that's just about my torture and death?? i don't know anyone and i have asked around.

ok well i gotta go buddies!! maybe you all can see that movie and tell me if you liked it too!! drew sure was cute i will say that much. :) :)

love jesus

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