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2004-05-28 - 1:25 p.m.


hi buddies i have so much to tell you it is just sick but first i want to lay out my PLANS FOR THE NEXT YEAR thats right i have a major plan that i have to lay out and i need your help!!

i have watched the fine country of the US A get trounced up something fierce by my good buddy george (i love you man but you really have done it this time) and i think its high time i stepped in to do some regulatin' -- this aint the rapture, but it is THE SECOND COMIN' OF THE LORD!

Coming to be the new MAYOR OF AMERICA! That's right, I'm officially throwing my beard and robe into the ring and giving these clowns a run for their money!!

i have dispatched hermes (good buddy of mine) to go talk to John McCain about becoming my running mate because he is such a stand up guy and will really bring it to dick cheney and his elvis lip, and i am going to take george to the mat!! this will be like when i beat him at WWF Smackdown on playstation except the real thing this time!!

Tell your friends -- JESUS / MCCAIN in 2004!!!!

oh yeah i also have a really awesome price is right story to tell you guys but that will wait until later i have to go find a campaign manager and buy a suit.

love jesus

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