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2002-10-24 - 2:59 p.m.

Halloween party preparations!!

hey everyone!! whooo whee, I love october and halloween. We've been crazybusy up here setting stuff up for our big party next week. i have my pirate outfit and it looks awesome although next time i am going to get a fake parrot and not a real one because parrots are mean i have a bandage on my ear and everything. so polly had to go!

i have invited everyone and guess what, we even invited satan hisself! we figured itd be a gas if he showed up this time (he hasn't been allowed for a few years because we had a little 'issue' with he and St Peter, I don't even want to go into it with you nice folks but let me tell you, it was ugly) but we're burying the hatchet and seeing if he'll show up. i hope he does, he always has the best costumes one year he came dressed up as Burt Convey and the next year he was Burt Reynolds AND Burt Convey ON Win Lose or Draw! What a guy!!

so i hope to have a big party report for you guys next week!! wish us luck. I gotta go now, we are going to the store to get a spooky cauldron and some dry ice!!

oh hey, PS -- my good buddy Alex who helps me out with my awesome diary has a birthday coming up on november 14th!! you all should send him something from his amazon wish list, I did!!


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